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Talking Watches With Todd Levin. Last year, Seiko announced an entire re-vamp of their much-loved Seiko 5 line up. But, as nothing lasts forever, in announcing the new Seiko 5, Seiko ended the lifecycle of all of the older models and began a new chapter in the Seiko 5's impressive history.

Interestingly enough, this is not the only enthusiast icon that Seiko recently sent to live on a farm in the countryside. What first was a rumor on the forums later became known more widely: Seiko is discontinuing the production of the legitimately iconic SKX and its many siblings. I recently shared the story of my first watchand while that humble little Timex did indeed kick off my interest in watches — like the endless stream of "entertaining" comic book movies every one assures me I should love — there is yet another chapter in my origin story.

It's a story that leads to many many Seikos, but like many of you, it started with one true enthusiast-loved model — the SKX In creating a something of a new formula for the Seiko 5s, aka the SRPD Seiko 5s, Seiko had to ensure they paid some favor to the enthusiasts that had long been telling their friends to buy SNKs and SKXs, and you can see elements of both in the new Seiko 5 design.

Review: Seiko 5 Sport SNZG13

The brief is still very much a Seiko 5, but the look is just a skootch off of the SKX Starting with the Seiko 5, the line was originally launched in and was meant to offer value-driven everyday watches that were sport ready along with an excellent entry point into the Seiko line up, which by that time - in Japan, at least - included everything from the Seiko 5 all the way to Grand Seiko which launched in with the gorgeous powered J True to the specific and focused way in which Seiko produces watches, the "5" is in reference to five base qualities that should be offered by any Seiko 5 watch.

Go ahead, Google Seiko 5 and see how often one or several pop up in listicles for the best watches under a given price. Long story short, the legacy of Seiko 5 is as the Mediterranean or Baltic Ave in the Monopoly of watch enthusiasm.

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Likewise, while representing a step up from the brand's most entry-level line, the SKX line of watches is something a bit more sport specific. Regardless of the variants, the base unit of this design, and its formidable presence in the watch community, is the SKX With a black dial surrounded by a One of the author's earliest watch lume shots, dated to November of Over the past decade plusmy SKX has been with me through a lot.

It is the sort of watch that becomes a companion, nice enough to feel like you have a few things going for you, but not so nice that you feel the need to take it off when the going gets tough.

A few years back, knowing that dive duty could go to a handful of other watches, I installed a Yobokies hour steel bezel insert, which made my SKX both much more useful and much more me.

The 2019 Seiko 5 Sports Collection Reviewed (With Tons of Photos)

Here it is running double-duty in London in the fall of last year:. The author's own Seiko SKX with a modded bezel almost exactly 12 years after the preceding photo. In all actuality, modding is a huge part of the Seiko community and no model is more readily customizable than the SKX divers. You can do the mods yourself or have any one of several known personalities complete your customization. If you need a vehicular example, the SKX is like the Jeep Wrangler of watches; a specific and simple creation of utilitarian concern with both casual and nerdy appeal and a near-endless underworld of modding and customization.

Want to see what is possible? Just open up Instagram and scroll through seikomod. I love this watch, I have convinced friends and family to buy the same or similar and I intend to have it around until it or I are claimed by one of many life's adventures. At a more macro level, Seiko dive watches are special in that they can be both a unit of enthusiast watchmaking and just about anyone's one watch by offering easy appeal to both enthusiast or casual buyers.

Yes the SKX is a bit big for some wrists if so, sub in an SKX and yes the movement is not especially accurate or refined, but it's a tough steel dive watch with a classic Seiko aesthetic that can be traced back toand Seiko is a brand that both knows and loves the dive watch in all of its forms. First, as a product, and second, as the beginning of a fascination which has claimed more than the last 10 years of my life.Is it better to get recycled or fade away?

When Seiko announced the new 5 Sports lineup this summer, it was apparent that the vaunted SKX lineup was officially dead, and had been up-cycled into the new fashion line. The new 5 Sports have big shoes to fill in both cases.

How do they do? The Seiko 5 line was introduced in as an affordable and capable entry-level sub-brand, and since then has included more references than you can shake a stick at. Just as the SKX was a gateway to dive watches, the Seiko 5 watches played the same role of introducing quality, reliable automatic sport and dress watches to the market. Bright colorways and aggressive styling appealed especially to the younger buyer. Old vs.

Right: one of the new 5 Sports, nicknamed the 5KX. Take the physical parameters of the SKX and splash in the flair and ethos of the 5 line, and voila, you have the new 5 Sports line. Instead of 2 lines in a variety of configurations, capabilities, and cases, the Seiko 5 Sports lineup will consist of 27 different watchessharing a common movement 4R36 and case the old SKX case but with diverse and different combinations of case finishes, dials, and straps.

This type of upgrade was a super-common after-market modification for SKXs, and addresses a big knock on the 7S26 — the lack of hand-winding and hacking. Like a fashion model who was scouted from a construction job-site which actually happened to a friend of minethe SKX case and dial clean up very well in 5 Sport form.

But in the process of going from Carhartts to a tux, they get noticeably softer and a bit less capable. Same 42mm diameter as the old SKX. The flat, printed Seiko logo is now in elegant raised metallic letters, while the utilitarian red dive M dive rating is gone from the dial. On the two watches I ordered, the hour markers are outlined in silver, which is a subtle move that has a huge effect in upping the quality feel of the watch face.

Some of the other colorways are really aesthetically aggressive — with blacked out dials and PVD coated cases — and they look great. The 42mm case is the same as the old SKX, but this time around, the finish absolutely pops. The polished portions are bright, and the seams are sharp. An exhibition caseback shows off the upgraded Japanese-made not Malaysian 4R36 movement.

The lugs are drilled now for easier strap changes. It has it. And then some. As for the softness? This is where your feelings towards the SKX will start to flavor your opinion of the new 5 Sports.

The ISO rating? The stainless steel screwdown caseback? Lumed pip on the bezel? The M water resistance noted on the dial? But before you complain, pause and consider whether you think of the new 5KX line as a replacement for the SKX, or, as a fashion watch. In general, when you match any of the 5 Sports lineup against its non-Seiko competitors in the price range, they represent excellent quality and value. And for a fashion watch, a screw down crown is just one more thing to break.

But no screw down crown or screw down caseback.

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The new 5KXs? Not as rugged? For sure. The 5 lineup was so diverse — Amazon alone is currently carrying dozens of Seiko 5 models. I rarely wear my SKX or to work, because its Personally, I take watches as great investments.

In fact, I spend most of my time searching for great watches that I can purchase. Although they are not really a part of my collection, sports watches are great additions to enhance your overall appearance and style. So, I thought, why not give it a try, right? To my surprise, this company is really taking their business seriously!

I mean, their mechanical watches alone are quite a vision. So, I rushed to the nearest store to check their watches. Now, if you are interested just like me to buy a Seiko 5 watch, especially the SNK series, this watch review may help you out!

I have included all the important details that might help you in deciding whether this watch is appropriate for you or not and search for a watch that will suit you best. And although simplicity could mean negative things for some, others, however, would take it as a good thing. As for me, it really depends because I consider a lot of factors before deciding if a certain watch is great or not. And I suggest that you should too!

As what I have mentioned, I take watches as investments. So, it is really fitting that I consider every aspect first before making a purchase. This is pretty classic.

As I mentioned, this quality watch appears to be very simple. And I find it classy and sleek due to its overall simplicity. Accordingly, it is very easy to wear on casual days and can match with your looks and style.

Technically, this belong to the tactical watches for military. It may appear very classy but it is largely designed for everyday usage. But even so, it would essentially depend on how you would mix and match it with your clothes and appearance.

As for the dial of this watch, it appears to have a monochrome framing. And this is mainly the responsible factor that provides the overall simplicity of the appearance.This post contains affiliate links. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page.

Buy on Amazon. Ah, the Seiko 5: Darling of watch hipsters and aspiring horologists everywhere. Dan was kind enough to send it over, and I spent several weeks gathering my thoughts.

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Here are the dimensions, to start with. By the time the watch reached me, Dan had already swapped the stock canvas bracelet for an aftermarket leather strap.

seiko 5 sports review

While it looks to be about a millimeter short on each side, I appreciate the added comfort. Those planning to buy this watch should seek out a new strap as part of the package. Equipped with a bit of cowhide, the SNZ wears quite comfortably.

The milimeter case sits perfectly on my medium wrist, low and secure against the skin. The lugs curve gently around the bone, creating an effortless ride.

I love the way this watch fits, which makes the next few sections all the more difficult. First, some specs. Hacking and hand winding are absent, with an operating temperature range of degrees Fahrenheit. The purpose of a watch, above all, is to keep accurate time.

In my few weeks with the SNZ, I was unable to establish a consistent pattern. My Orient Mako 2for instance, reliably runs between nine and ten seconds fast per day. But with the Seiko 5, I encountered variances between three and thirty seconds fast and slow. I had strong opinions on this coming off the similarly equipped SNK, and time has done little to dull the edge.

Higher Caliber: Seiko Watches Relaunches the Seiko 5 Sports Lineup

This variation is completely out of bounds, especially on a watch without a hacking second hand. Allow me to digress for a moment. Are you familiar with the difference between polychronic and monochronic societies? In short, a monochronic civilization operates on a sense of temporal propriety. If a meeting is supposed to start at 9 AM, participants are expected to show up on time.

Late arrivals and interruptions are generally considered rude unless an acceptable excuse is supplied.More than 50 years after its introduction, Seiko has stunned the watch world with an update of its venerable 5 Series. This overhaul represents a significant upgrade of an activewear icon that debuted all the way back in First impressions matter, and Seiko nailed it here.

Notice anything familiar about the case? That particular model has been a darling of the mechanical world since its release in With a diameter of While both the SKX and the previous 5 Sports models lacked the ability to hack i. But for these two steps forward, there is an unfortunate step back. While the SKX was lauded for its 20m bar depth rating, the new 5 Sports are slated for m 10 bars. Most of this can be attributed to the deletion of the screwdown crown. This still makes it a viable option for activities such as swimming and snorkeling, but it takes away one of the more endearing features of its predecessor.

Many of the other components remain the same. Fortunately, most users of the Caliber 4R36 report a much gentler timing variance.

On the surface, this seems like a compelling lineup. So, where does that leave the price target on the next-gen lineup? While official U. And all these alternatives have m of water resistance.

seiko 5 sports review

Look, I think these are very attractive watches. No recreational divers will ever come close to the m depth rating, so anything beyond that is somewhat moot. We tested and reviewed the best men's flannel shirts of When Seiko presented the Prospex LX Line at Baselworldthere were long and vehement discussions on the pertinence of such a collection, and how the brand was way out of line for trying to compete with the sacred cows of Swiss watchmaking understand here Rolex and Omega in their own arena: sport watches with a price between EUR 5, depending on the model — and not even members of the Grand Seiko family.

This was just the beginning…. However, that was nothing compared to what happened a few months after Baselworld when Seiko unveiled the new Seiko 5 Sports collection: reactions hit stratospheric levels. But not because of what was arriving per se, but because of what was departing. In case you need background on the SKX, you can read this reference in-depth article here a must-read for all watch enthusiasts.

The Seiko SKX is simply beloved by the horological community. And rightfully so!

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It is a great, inexpensive daily beater that can withstand just about everything, including depths of metres, for which it is certified. It keeps very good time if you are lucky like I was, chronometer-like accuracyit looks good no matter what and it is probably the only iconic watch that most mere mortals can actually afford. Not only that: thanks to the lousy commercial strategy of Seiko in the past, the grey market was and still is but to a much smaller extension flooded with SKXs, its Pepsi twin, the and even its smaller sibling, the Sheer bliss.

What the people from Seiko told me back at Baselworld is that they wanted to stop producing the 7S calibres. Not only that, Seiko now has all its affordable, certified divers under the Prospex umbrella which are at least EUR more expensiveso the was an oddity in its portfolio. Or was it? Never before has such an inexpensive watch caused such heated debate.

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Proof positive of how important Seiko has become for watch aficionados. It was also time to give the Seiko 5 collection a more focused strategy. Up until now, Seiko 5 was a just a well-made, affordable watch with hundreds of different models.

Not much else to say about it, although its origins were interesting. InSeiko launched the Sportimatic 5 to give customers the possibility of owning a watch with the best technology at an affordable price. Inthe Seiko 5 Sports were born, inheriting all these advantages. It was a big thing, but in the era of internet sales, the concept was slightly lost.

What Seiko has done is to take the case, bezel and dial of the and played with these three elements to present a collection of 27 watches in five families. All of the watches have the same size: They are made of stainless steel, but there are versions with hardened steel with dark grey coating and one with pink gold PVD coating. The Seiko 5 Sports Watches are all water-resistant to metres.

Hands and raised indexes are filled with LumiBrite, which can be either green or blue depending on the models, and that shines well through the night. There are also different types of bracelets and straps: a traditional oyster steel bracelet; a mesh steel bracelet that appears only in the Suits Style family; a mixture of leather and rubber in the Specialist Style ; a plaited rubber one in the Suits Style ; and a black, green or brown NATO strap.

The jubilee bracelet departed along with its master watch, the All the watches share the same calibre 4R36, an automatic, in-house movement that has long proved its reliability and sturdiness. It ticks at 3 Hertz and has a hour power reserve. As always with the Seiko 5, the calibre can be seen through a transparent caseback.

Its magnetic resistance is a class 2, which means it can withstand magnetic fields created by everyday gadgets and home appliances within a proximity of 5 centimetres.

The new Seiko 5 Sports collection is composed of 27 watches, however, to bring more clarity, these are organised in 5 sub-collections. It is the basic line and therefore the biggest, with 11 different models. All the dials, inner flanges and bezels are monochrome except for the indexes and numerals, of course. No doubt these watches are intended for more urban, active people. The cases are hardened, they are attached to the wrist with a black strap, and the dial is black with black or fluorescent red or blue hands and indexes.

New Seiko 5 Sports SBSA011 - Review, Measurements, Lume (SRPD61)

The price of this collection is EUR Jokes aside, the Seiko 5 Sports has long served as the gateway drug for watch enthusiasts. The first Seiko 5 model, the Sportmatic 5 was launched in Seiko 5 Sports was introduced in with enhanced water resistance, a tougher crystal and luminous hands and hour markers. Even as demand for mechanical watches waxed and waned in the decades that followed, the popularity of Seiko 5 Sports endured.

And more than 50 years later, Seiko has now given the line a thorough makeover. There are 27 different executions — each in one of five styles: Sports, Suits, Specialist, Street and Sense — but all of them share some common characteristics like the case size and hardlex crystal atop, movement, and of course, the new Seiko 5 logo.

We got our hands on a clutch of these new references to see what the fuss was all about and as word spread, there were plenty who dropped by our photo studio to have a look I told you they were popular. All of them share the same case dimensions, the stainless steel case is However, unlike the SKX range that is depth-rated to meters, the new Seiko 5 Sports range is only water-resistant to meters.

The case has drilled lugs, so removing and changing straps is going to be a breeze. Like the Ref. This is probably the most polished-looking of the 27 references and belies the price tag AED1, The bracelet sits well on the wrist and the deployant buckle is easy to use, there is a real sense of quality here. This particular watch has a gorgeous olive green gradient dial that looks grey at certain angles.

One of the stand-out models in the new range is the all black Ref. The case has a black PVD finish and the dial has blacked out indices and hands. This is paired with a black nylon NATO strap and has a real stealth quality to it. This is a 3 Hz 21, vph movement with hacking seconds and a relatively short power reserve of 41 hours, has a manual-winding option and has hacking seconds function.

seiko 5 sports review

The watches are all manufactured in China, just like some of the SKX models were in the past. In conclusion, the new Seiko 5 Sports line is an odd one. The stealth chronograph makes its second-season debut on the wrist of John Krasinski in the spy thriller.

Now the collection gets a masculine update for The dial of the watch is inspired by the legendary Queen guitarist's talismanic "Red Special", a guitar that was handmade by May himself in the s. Six limited edition watches that are inspired by the blockbuster video game series' central characters. Jaeger-LeCoultre introduces two thoroughbred divers into the Polaris collection. We take a closer look. With a new quartz movement and ceramic blue bezel, this handsome timepiece marks a milestone year for the Japanese brand.

The triple calendar chronograph - a throwback to a bygone era - is revived in a stylish new watch that's among the coolest releases this year. Up Close with the new Seiko 5 Sports line The much-adored Japanese entry-level mechanicals that got most collectors into the game gets some fancy upgrades.

But has it come at a cost? By Nitin Nair. Related Articles.

seiko 5 sports review


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